5 Reel Prompts To Drive Engagement Today

June 17, 2021

One incredible tool to use to fast-track your engagement in the next 24 hours.

5 Reel Prompts To Drive Engagement Today
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If you haven’t done a Reel yet, they are THE thing to do right now for driving traffic to your Instagram account. For curating social media feeds, it has been a good rule of thumb to follow the four Es: Engage, Entertain, Educate, and Empower.

Engage with your audience by posting what they want to see, speaking to them, being social, being authentic and a real person. Entertain them with fun, the unexpected, the unordinary, or talking about local events. Educate and establish your authority online, in your market niche, by curating content that speak directly about your field and showing examples of your product, snapshots of feedback or testimonials, sharing relevant articles, writing your own articles, sharing information that your avatar is asking about. Lastly, create content that empowers your viewers. Let them know that you are speaking directly to them by answering questions to their specific burning questions, validating their pain paints, and offering the guide for their transformation by bringing the far-fetched dream of success or achievement to an ah-hah moment of “I can do this”!

As a social media manager, I’ve learned over the years that my clients have all similar needs, but the way they speak, the way their brand stands out, and to whom they are reaching is all different. We can follow the above 4 Es method for curating posts, but for REELS, it’s a bit deeper level.

So let’s dig in….

REELS not only can reach thousands of profiles in 24 hours, but hold the power to capture the attention and create a hunger for more content. Have you ever scrolled on the Explore Reels tab from one to another to another, and before you know it you’ve watched five or ten or so reels, in just a few minutes? And then there’s the moment you comes across a Reel and you just LOVE it that you click on the profile pic and start binge-watching all of that profile’s Reels. You have just landed in the capture and hunger zone. That’s what you want to happen with the Reels you create. Create that hunger in your market niche audience, and FEED and FEED them. They will start clicking on your link in your bio and scrolling your website links, listening to your podcast, downloading your freebie, and before you know it, they think they actually know you, so they buy your tiny offer, or product in your shop, or save your webinar to their calendar.

They want in! They want to be in your community! When you start this kind of hunger for content the right way, your audience will be eating out of your hand, clicking through every InstaStory, showing up for your lives and seeing if you have any other tasty content in a blog or private Facebook group. The thing is, you do NOT have to have all of these marketing channels or streams of content.

The only thing you need to do, is when you decide to show up, continue to show up and nurture. If you feed your audience one day a kind of Reel like a change of outfit, and the next day you’re in to positive mindset, and the next day you do a Reel about your visit to Target, those people who found you in the explore tab three days ago, won’t even follow you or save your posts. You must pick a style, stay consistent in your messaging, keep it simple, and just be you! The last thing you need on your feed is doing ALL of the trends, and simply just losing interest.

Here are 5 Reel Prompts to implement today:

  1. List the tools you use in everyday business.
  2. Do a relatable Reel: perhaps one about moms and reheating coffee all day.
  3. Your WHY: where your passion began, the story of then and now. “I felt sluggish, and now I don’t.” (for an example with a product you sell; you’re selling but you aren’t)
  4. Behind the Scenes of your workspace, your daily routine. If you’re a business owner, then film a couple of scenes of you at different places to expound upon the Flexibility of your job; your lifestyle sells you without you being salesy.
  5. How you’ve turned your biggest fear or challenge into a victory! When you celebrate your wins and are open about the hurdles, you open the door for others to have that feeling “I am there” or “I’ve been there”, or “if she did it, maybe I can too.”

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