Victorious One

The memory is still vivid as day -
the moment I decided to give my life to Jesus.
I was three,
but I saw how my older brother and sister
behaved better
and I wanted that.
Coming to Jesus was simple.
As a child, I fell madly in love with Adonai.
Every morning,
Maranatha Praise & Integrity music filled our home.
It's where I learned to dance:
with colorful streamers, tambourines, and flags.
From time spent with Jesus at HOME,
I expanded onto church stages,
nursing homes, the dirt floor in El Salvador,
and school stages in Moscow, Russia.
All throughout my childhood,
my mother crafted the HOME as the
center of all things Worship, Prayer, & Joy in the Lord!
As a homeschooler, I was privileged to learn
that putting JESUS first in the day
was not only the basics of life
but also it sometimes takes all day.
YES! The Spirit would flow in our living room
so much on some days that
we chose to basque in the peace...
(some of my brothers and sisters fell asleep LOL)!
The ministry of worship and prayer
began here:
By the time I was ten, I was leading my friends on my street
to Jesus and starting a Bible study
in my home for them.
The Lord has placed me in places, as a child,
to heal cancer, straighten backs, & elongate legs.
My God is a God of MIRACLES!
And it starts with aligning ourselves with His will.
All of my life,
it's pained me to see women and children struggle
with knowing God.
And as I went through my own personal trials,
such as divorce,
I had to return to the BASICS...
JOY in the LORD!

My Favorite Things

Family & Marriage is the heart of our home: built in Jesus!

Protecting the mission,
guarding the peace,
building spirits,
dwelling in joy! 


There is nothing more beautiful than a surrendered marriage to the covenant God custom crafted for us.

We say all the time: we are

FAMILY is the most important thing to me on this side of eternity. My husband and I reside in Kentucky, raising our mighty arrows for Jesus. We have been homeschooling since COVID hit in March 2020, and absolutely cherish every moment of building them up from the inside out.



My Favorite Things

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