GANT HOUSE is a collaborative label of many business
under one ROOF:

Rockstar Construction & Design, run by my husband, Cary Gant.
If you have been wanting to remodel or renovate your home, we specialize in new construction & design.
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Construction & Design

Marketing Management

Formerly, Phantomly Creative, run by Laura Carter Gant.
I rebranded my business when I got married, to be one label under the GANT HOUSE.

doing business >>>
the family way...all under one roof

No need to create your own social media posts or slide decks.
This Marketing SHOP was made for the busy entrepreneur in need of speed and conversion.
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Construction & Design

We renovate, remodel, build new construction, add-ons, have investment properties, and more.

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Digital Curator & Business Architect

For business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take their social media and website to the next level with professional graphics, paired with online marketing strategies.


Social & Marketing Templates

DONE-FOR-You, editable templates made in CANVA so your posts look professional and engage with your our editable templates to keep your brand consistent and on pointe, every time!

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We are currently booked in the GANT HOUSE Marketing social media management,

where we take on clients and brands for full-service online marketing and growth strategies.

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"Lovely and refreshing approach to becoming centered on inner-work and taking steps to success in spite of fears."

by Christina Francois from Trinidad and Tobago on iTunes



Yes, I Really Get 5 Stars

I loved hearing the episode about your word! I heard my word on the shower too!! I think it’s so important to help people understand how to hear from God, and rest, BE STILL. One breath, step, day at a time. To live knowing that we walk in the power of love that Jesus gave us all! Thank you for your words!!

by atoninrogers on iTunes


wonderful advice

"Laura brings a fresh and real view of overcoming the wrong mindset to achieve success. Be ready to take notes and reflect on practical tips she brings in her podcasts!"

by JoeDetre on iTunes


mindset is key

"Laura speaks from her heart and encourages others to be their very best in all areas of life. She inspires us to let our lights shine. A must subscribe!"

by choose2think on iTunes



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